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A Day In The Life of LSE Library Staff

Submitted by: Richard Collings
Date: 2020-2021

We wanted to capture photos of our staff during the pandemic, both at work and play. The photos were taken of staff working in the library and at home. It also showed colleagues travelling, being on holiday and spending quality time with their families. We believed that bringing these photographs together could help to capture some of the significant changes in our daily lives and outlook during lock down. We also thought that putting these pictures together to make a typical day would make an interesting presentation. We had a enthusiastic response, lots of photos were sent in and we made sure we used them all. We then created some music that we thought would fit the style of the presentation.

A pandemic haircut

Submitted by: Aarti Malhotra
Date: 11 March 2021
Location: LSE Rosebery Hall, London

With the hairdressers being closed, improvisation was key!

All riders are required to wear masks, even sculptures

Submitted by: Sarah Jewett
Date: 1 August 2020
Location:John Carpenter Street, Victoria Embankment

Throughout the pandemic, the sculpture Taxi! by Seward Johnson Jr (1983) managed to stay mask free aside for a random day in August, thanks to a passerby with a sense of humor.

Andrew Grant

Personal author: Grant, Andrew

Photograph from page 2 of the Sunday Times in 1989. We formed a campaign for degrees in order to bring an end to dispute dispute between the government and the Association of university teachers which threatened to disrupt the setting and marking of exams in that year. I am at the front in glasses. Also featured in the photograph in the background on the right is Michiel van Hulton he went on to become a Dutch MEP and leader of the Dutch Labour Party. I studied monetary economics between 1986 and 1999 and Chris Pissarides was my tutor.

Anna Bruvere

Personal author: Bruvere, Anna

September 2020 At the Globe, coming to campus for the first time

Asthmatics at Risk campaign graphic

Submitted by: Mhairi Gowans
Date: 28 February 2021

In February [2021], once the government announced it would be starting vaccination for Group 6, charities became aware that the Government had taken many clinically vulnerable people off the vaccination list. This particularly affected asthmatics of whom millions had been off-boarded from priority.

A patient group formed on Facebook and then launched several Twitter events to raise awareness of this issue. This graphic pertained to the second event which I promoted on my Instagram account on the 28th of February. Each Twitter event resulted in the chosen hashtag trending (first hashtag was #AsthmaticsAtRisk, second hashtag was #VaccinesforAsthmatics. #flujabequalscovidjab and #asthmaticsunder50 were also later used).

Unfortunately while this received some press attention and celebrity support from Supernanny Jo Frost, as well as charity support from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation and the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, this issue has been largely ignored by the government leaving clinically vulnerable people vulnerable as society opens up.

Behram Khan

Personal author: Khan, Behram

September/October 2020 - Campus and Around

Biqi Gao

Personal author: Gao, Biqi

I went to LSE in 2013 for a graduate study in social policy and graduated from the School with a Master of Science in Development and Social Policy a year later. Being a student of LSE provided me a great opportunity to see the world and to learn more about social policies from my excellent lecturers and fellow students from all over the world. One of my most impressive memory of life in LSE was the department trip to Cumberland Lodge in January 2014. We worked in groups on researching and making policies on different subjects, such as education, traffic problem, public health, etc. It was a wonderful memory of discussing and presenting opinions on police-making with my intelligent group members, as well as an unforgettable memory of a weekend in the beautiful Windsor Great Park. In LSE, the courses I took on health, gender and social welfare, reshaped my understanding of social development, and then contributed to my career in public sector in my home country. Now I'm working for a institution that provides in-service education for schoolteachers from rural areas of China, which helps them to be accessible to more advanced teaching resources, and may finally contribute to improving the education levels of rural areas. It is my experience in LSE that inspires me to work for better education for teachers, and to keep on working even harder in the future.

Carlos Alexandre Rocha

Personal author: Rocha, Carlos Alexandre

Econ Grad Students near The Castle, Rochester (11/03/2000): Juan Colon Bolea, Alberto Salvo-Farre, Carlos Alexandre Rocha, Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, Ramon Padilla-Perez, Fernando Lelo De Larrea and Xabier Irastorza.

Carlos Alexandre Rocha

Personal author: Rocha, Carlos Alexandre

Econ Grad Students, end of course farewell (09/06/2000): Joao Nicolau, Michael Heningsen, Elisa Muzzini, Carlos Alexandre Rocha, Peter Rindfleisch, Athanassios Athanassopoulos, Federica Maiorano, Nicola Curci, Nicolas Leten, Nicolas Echevarria Vilchez and Giuliano De Rossi.

Carlos Alexandre Rocha

Personal author: Rocha, Carlos Alexandre

Econ grad students at LSE dining hall (10/12/1999): Claudia Quintela (Portuguese), Guilherme Fagundes (Brazilian), Alexandre Rocha (Brazilian), Alberto Salvo-Farre (Brazilian), Leonardo Cohen (Brazilian) and Sebastijan Hrovatin (Slovene).

Carlos Alexandre Rocha

Personal author: Rocha, Carlos Alexandre

Grad Students at Bankside House (04/02/2000): Mauricio Cordova, Javier Parysow, Carlos Alexandre Rocha and Elisa Muzzini.

Carlos Alexandre Rocha

Personal author: Rocha, Carlos Alexandre

Brazilian grad students at LSE Old Building (28/02/2000): Caio Leonardo Bessa, Lior Pinsky, Alexandre Rocha, Gustavo Cocentino, Debora Visconte, Silvia Naschenveng and Rogerio Teixeira dos Santos.

Carlos Lejnieks

Personal author: Lejnieks, Carlos

A proud graduation moment (MSc, 2004) with my mother and me in front of the East Building.

Celebrating our 125th anniversary: memories of LSE from our community

As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations in the 2020/21 academic year, we asked the LSE community to get in touch and share their photos and memories.
Students, alumni and LSE staff members were all invited to make a permanent contribution to the history of the School, for our Digital Library.
This collection spans multiple decades and features photographs from our community, showcasing personal milestones as well as important cultural moments at LSE.

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