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A Story of ORG

In a special series of podcasts, ORG talks with people involved in the development and evolution of ORG in its early days.

Celebrating our 125th anniversary: memories of LSE from our community

As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations in the 2020/21 academic year, we asked the LSE community to get in touch and share their photos and memories.
Students, alumni and LSE staff members were all invited to make a permanent contribution to the history of the School, for our Digital Library.
This collection spans multiple decades and features photographs from our community, showcasing personal milestones as well as important cultural moments at LSE.

Every Casualty

Between 2007 and 2014 ORG's Every Casualty Programme (formerly known as the Recording Casualties of Armed Conflict programme), sought to coordinate and systematise global efforts to enhance the technical, legal and institutional capacity, as well as the political will, for every single casualty of armed conflict throughout the world to be recorded, civilian as well as combatant. Since October 2014, Every Casualty Worldwide has been operating as an independent NGO - please visit for more information.

Global Security Briefings

Professor Paul Rogers' Global Security Briefings series was launched in mid-2001, exploring the potential for major security challenges from the global margins. Paul continued to share his expertise, analysis and commentary on security issues in his monthly briefings up until ORG ceased operations in 2020.

London Mayor Elections

Manifestos from candidates standing for election as Mayor of London. Also includes booklets sent to all registered electors providing a guide to voting in the Mayor of London and the London Assembly Elections. Material is from the 2016 and 2021 elections.

LSE Calendars 1895 - 2006

From 1895-2006 the Calendar was the core public record of the work of the School.
The content of the Calendar developed over time and it provides general information relating to the School including: the Director’s annual report; lists of School staff; School regulations for the admission of students, course guides, timetables, degree lists and details of scholarships, prizes and staff publications.
From 1895-1900 the School’s courses were listed in yearbook which became the Calendar from the School’s entry into the University of London in 1900. Due to the impact of the First World War abridged calendars were published between 1915-1920 and short prospectuses were published during the Second World War from 1940-46.

LSE Registers

The volume presented, as the first Register of the London School of Economics and Political Science from 1895 to 1932, covers thirty-seven years in the history of the School, but covers only thirty years of graduations in the University of which the School forms part.

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