Women's Resource Centre Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010001 Interview with Rosalind Bragg File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010010 Interview with Marai Larasi MBE File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010013 Interview with Mary-Ann Stephenson File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010009 Interview with Professor Liz Kelly File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010011 Interview with Naana Otoo-Oyortey MBE File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010003 Interview with Sarbjit Ganger File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010006 Interview with Vivienne Hayes MBE File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010007 Interview with Joyce Kallevik File 2019
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010012 Interview with Pragna Patel File 2019
Sisters Doing It For Themselves Series 2019-2021
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010014 Interview with Dr Akima Thomas OBE File 2020
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010005 Interview with Carolina Gottardo File 2020
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010008 Interview with Ranjit Kaur File 2020
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010002 Interview with Lee Eggleston OBE and Sheila Coates MBE File 2020
UKLSE-AS1SD010010010004 Interview with Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith File 2021
UKLSE-AS1SD010020010002 Students of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School interview Sister Naana File 2021
UKLSE-AS1SD010020010001 Students of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School interview Sister Joyce File 2021